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° ™ «╗Rf-League° ™ «╗

fifa, romanian, footboll, render, imagine, football, minge, boll, ball, counter, night, light, #mate, sport, soccer

AndreiL - Info place

A forum open to any cultural information, especially to the programming part. Fell free to add your opinions, or contributions to our community.

andreil, python, programming, java, pascal, borland, bacalaureat, romana, #mate, info, geografie, istorie, nota, jython, ironpython, code, snippet, google, music

Mate-Info Intensiv

Colegiul National Emanuil Gojdu Oradea

info, #mate, intensiv, gojdu, oradea, talk, bobo, filme, 2011, mechanic, muzica, 2010, bancuri, referate, clasa

Welcome !!!

Forum gratuit : cool

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