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Reach out and touch someone. Repeatedly. Until they die !

darknetwork, reach, touch, someone, repeatedly, until, #they

Forum gratuit : Cupidon

Forum gratuit : forum for those boys who cant survive in this world but they can survive near other like him, other who can be called

forum, gratuit, prieteni, lume, noua, comunicare, distractie, dragoste

Under The Moon

Hating People Takes too much energy i just pretend they are dead

under, moon, hating, people, takes, much, energy, just, pretend, #they, dead

Adopta si ajuta animalele!

Forum gratuit : We are a group of dedicated volunteers and foster parents who work to save the lives of homeless and displaced cats and dogs. We do not receive salaries or compensation in any way. They need us!! AND YOU!

adoptii, animale, adopta, ajuta, animalele!, caini, pisici, brasov, romania, pierdut, caine, pisica, animal, companie, asociatie, chinologica, vaccin, voluntariat, salveaza, suflet, catel, puiut, puppies, adoption, vacci

They don`t really care about us.

Fanii Tokio Hotel, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Chinesse Boy, etc. sunt bine primiti aici. Dar nu numai. Toti adolescentii dornici sa cunoasca o lume minunata creata de noi toti. Va asteptam !

tokio, hotel, justin, bieber, michael, jackson, brokencyde, se7en, adolescenti

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